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acura body shop baltimoreMark’s Body Shop is a certified Acura body shop in Baltimore, recognized by the manufacturer for providing genuine, guaranteed Acura parts using top notch equipment and the highest level of factory-trained technology.

When your Acura has been damaged, why is it so critical to take your vehicle to an Acura Certified Collision Center?

Mark’s Body Shop is proud to be a Certified Acura Body Shop serving Baltimore, Towson, Owings Mills, Maryland since 1975.

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Genuine Acura Parts: Safety & Reliability After Collision

Acura engineers every component of their cars with meticulous quality and safety standards. Parts are not isolated stand-alines. Each one is designed as part of a complex system, perfectly synchronized for maximum performance and safety on the road.

Other shops will frequently install aftermarket (generic) parts. Their manufacturers have little incentive to use stringent standards of any kind because when the parts fail, drivers usually don’t think to blame the anonymous part and instead condemn the car brand. More importantly though, these parts are usually not tested and create hazards for you and your passengers.

Mark’s Body Shop uses only genuine Acura parts. (Find out more about why OEM parts in collision repair are so critical.)

Acura Engineering & Design Changes

acura repair baltimoreAcura is constantly improving the construction materials and features of its automobiles. As an Acura-authorized shop, we are privy to all the latest advances in Acura operating systems and design. Our technicians are always factory trained in the most current repair methods, remaining on the cutting edge of Acura repair technology, for optimal performance and impact response.

Stringent manufacturer guidelines exist for a reason, and non-compliance can change everything. In a collision, proper engineering can mark the difference between life or death. Make sure you choose a body shop like Mark’s, not only Acura certified, but also known for a diehard commitment to proper repairs.

Maintain Your Acura’s Resale Value

Although safety is the most important reason for insisting on genuine Acura parts, maintaining the resale value of your vehicle is a solid runner up. Repairs that follow manufacturer guidelines not only preserve your warranties, but will be calculated in the car’s value when you go to sell or trade it in.

We will make your Acura look like new, but proper repairs go well beyond surface looks. When the next potential owner inspects your vehicle, they’ll see genuine Acura components instead of the aftermarket parts that so many others use. An educated inspector will see none of the deficiencies in form, fit, and finish that they see in so many others, and the sale price of your car will be higher.

Looking for a body shop in Baltimore certified for Acura repair? Call Mark’s Body Shop at 410-358-5155 or Click Here to Make an Appointment

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Your Acura is a luxury car and an engineering masterpiece. It is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Preserve its integrity and safety standards with repairs by a certified Acura Body Shop.

Mark’s has been serving Baltimore with the highest quality collision repairs available since 1975. Our Acura certification seals the deal. Contact us today!