Certified Chrysler Body Shop in Baltimore

When you first bought your Chrysler, you never expected to get in an accident. Now that you have, your car may never be the same again. At Mark’s Body Shop, we put everything in to returning your car to its pre-accident condition.

Mark’s Body Shop uses some of the industry’s most advanced equipment and materials to make your vehicle look new again. From the vehicles structure to the spacing between the shell, everything is measured to factory Chrysler specifications. A vehicle may look great on the outside, but many times the vehicle will incur damage on the inside that’s invisible to the naked eye.

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Why a Chrysler Certified Repair Shop?

When a vehicle is damaged, whether it be a major impact or just a fender bender, it usually rattles and alters many parts of the vehicle that weren’t apart of the major damage. When this happens, it’s imperative that every inch of the vehicle is inspected and measured to be sure that the car will maintain the same level of safety and performance as it did before you got in an accident.

One way body shops alter the look, safety, and performance of vehicles is when they use non-OEM parts to repair it. Chrysler’s are made to be safe and look great on the road. Using cheap parts will not only jeopardize the appearance of your Chrysler, it will make your car more vulnerable the next time you’re in an accident. Because cheaper parts don’t meet the high standard of quality that Chrysler parts have, they in turn, don’t meet the safety standards either.


Certified Chrysler body shops are required to only use OEM parts in all aspects of repair to your vehicle. In addition, all collision repair technicians must be certified and meet the minimum expectations that Chrysler sets out.

Mark’s Body Shop trains all technicians to exceed the standards of all manufacturer certifications. Each technician is trained to master all equipment and tools used in the collision repair process. Mark’s only uses the highest standard of equipment that Chrysler requires. You can be sure that your Chrysler will be returned to pre-accident condition when you pick it up.

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Mark’s Body Shop is committed to inspecting and repairing your Chrysler to ensure it meets and exceeds the level of safety and performance it had before. Before your Chrysler leaves our shop, we do final inspections and give it a quick wash to ensure you’re safe and satisfied with your Chrysler.

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