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Mark’s Body Shop is a ProFirst certified Honda body shop Baltimore, recognized by the manufacturer for guaranteeing genuine Honda parts, and for providing the highest level of customer satisfaction through equipment and factory training.  Why is it so important to take your vehicle to a Honda Certified Collision Center? Read below to find out.

Mark’s Body Shop is proud to be a Certified Honda Body Shop serving Baltimore, Towson, Owings Mills, Maryland since 1975.

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The Importance of Genuine Parts at your Honda Collision Center

Honda engineers every part that they manufacture to live up to their reputation for quality and safety. Each is designed and tested to be an integral part of the integrated, complex crash management system that makes Honda one of the safest cars on the road today.

Honda Repair Baltimore MarylandMany body shops will try to repair your Honda with aftermarket parts, which have not been designed to work as part of that system, and may not meet Honda’s safety, quality, and performance standards. Often, these parts have not been crash-tested at all, creating a potential hazard for you and your passengers.

At Mark’s Body Shop, we use only genuine Honda parts, preserving your warranties, and ensuring that your vehicle is safe in any subsequent accident. Click here to learn more about the importance of OEM parts in collision repair.

Changes in Honda Design, Materials, and Construction

Honda vehicles change every year as the manufacturer improves the design, materials, and construction of their new models. As a Honda certified body shop, we stay current with all of the latest information on Honda operating systems. Our technicians undergo factory training in the latest methods of repair, and we stay on the cutting edge of Honda repair technology, so that your car responds to an impact the way it was intended.

honda body shop baltimoreA properly engineered system can make the difference between life or death in a collision. Deviation from manufacturer guidelines can change everything. Make sure you choose a certified body shop like Mark’s, recognized for their commitment to proper repairs.

Preserve Your Honda’s Resale Value

Any Honda repair that doesn’t follow the manufacturer’s guidelines may not only be unsafe, it may also compromise the resale value of your vehicle. Repairs by a Honda certified body shop like Mark’s will help preserve your factory warranties , and will make a big difference when you go to sell or trade in your car.

Proper repairs go way beyond making your Honda look, on the surface, the way it did before the accident.  When the next potential owner inspects your vehicle, they’ll see if aftermarket, non-genuine parts were used. If you have your Honda repaired at a shop that uses improper repair procedures, an educated inspector will see that there are deficiencies in form, fit, and finish. This will reduce the sale price of your car.

Looking for a certified Honda body shop in Baltimore? Call Mark’s Body Shop at 410-358-5155 or Click Here to Make an Appointment

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Your Honda is one of the most significant investments you’ll make. Preserve its quality and safety through repairs from a certified Honda Body Shop. Mark’s has been serving Baltimore with the highest quality collision repairs available since 1975, and our Honda certification makes this a no-brainer. Contact us today!


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