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If you’re in the Baltimore area and your Nissan has been in an accident, make sure to take it to a certified Nissan body shop like Mark’s.

We take great pride in our status as a Nissan Certified Collision Repair facility. This certification is part of our commitment to repairing vehicles according to manufacturer standards to preserve the safety and value of your vehicle. Continue reading below to find out more about why you should go to a certified body shop.

Mark’s Body Shop is proud to be a Certified Nissan Body Shop serving Baltimore, Towson, Owings Mills, Maryland since 1975.

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Collision repair is not just about making your car look good on the surface, it’s about what lies beneath the paint. As a Nissan certified body shop, you can rest assured that we have the factory-trained technicians who will truly restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. They will use tools and equipment specified by the manufacturer, and will use only genuine Nissan replacement parts.

Nissan Body Shop BaltimoreA certified Nissan repair, like the one you’ll receive at Mark’s Body Shop, will preserve the safety and resale value of your vehicle. Furthermore, we provide a Limited lifetime warranty on complete collision repair registered through Nissan.

What Is The Nissan Certified Collision Repair Network?

As we all know, not all auto body shops are equal in skills, equipment, and service. To ensure their customers received care that was equal to the Nissan name, and to guarantee safety and quality in repairs of their vehicles, Nissan launched their certified collision repair standards in 2011.

For an auto body shop to qualify as certified, they have to meet Nissan’s standards in the following areas:


All employees working on cars in a certified Nissan body shop will need to demonstrate they have top-level factory training, and consistently attend courses educating them about new tools and techniques in auto body repair. Mark’s Body Shop insists on hiring team members certified by ASE or I-CAR, and is recognized as I-CAR Gold Class, the highest level of training in the collision repair industry.

I-Car Gold Class

I-Car, the inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, is an internationally recognized educational and training operation for professionals in the industry. Mark’s Body Shop is proud to be recognized as I-Car Gold Class, the highest level of training in collision repair. Nissan requires its body shops to have this level of training to ensure


In order to properly repair modern vehicles, you need to understand how those vehicles are constructed, and follow Nissan’s specific procedures for repair. Following those procedures requires the right tools and equipment.

Genuine Nissan Parts

Using Genuine Nissan parts in collision repair is vital in returning your car to factory specifications. Nissan spends millions of dollars a year engineering and performance testing every part of every car it manufactures. Genuine Nissan parts are designed as components of complex crash management systems designed to keep you and the other occupants of the vehicle safe in a collision. Using non-genuine or imitation parts, which often have never been crash tested, can compromise the safety of your Nissan.

Customer Service

Just as important as what goes on in the back is how the customer is treated in the front office. Nissan carefully scrutinizes how customers are treated, and whether or not Nissan customers in particular are willing to come back to a shop.

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As you might guess, these standards are stringent, but we wouldn’t have them any other way. At Mark’s, we take pride in the job we do, and are committed to always doing the right thing for our customers. To us, this means following the manufacturer’s procedures for repair to preserve the safety and resale value of your Nissan.  So whether your Nissan has been in a minor fender-bender or has experienced severe damage, call Mark’s first: After all, we’ve got Nissan’s seal of approval.